Setup SwiftTime Access on a NEW device/computer

For SwiftTime to display your Employees' time clock data, and for a SUPERVISOR to logon, your internet browser must know where to obtain the data from. This is why you need to identify your Site account to SwiftTime. This Account identification step only needs to be done on new device/computer the very first time your browser access SwiftTime or after everytime you delete your browser's cookies or historical browsing data. You will also need to do this step on Employees' mobile devices if you allow them to use SwiftTime virtual clock to clock/punch IN&OUT.

For your internet browser to identify your SwiftTime Account correctly, you need to enter your SwiftTime Account ID (ten alphanumeric such as ABCDE12345) and Access Code (10 numbers). This information is available in the initial welcome email we sent you when you registered for your SwiftTime Account. THE BEST AND EASIEST WAY TO VERIFY AND IDENTIFY YOUR SWIFTTIME ACCOUNT TO YOUR INTERNET BROWSER IS TO CLICK THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL.

The steps below help you to Setup SwiftTime Access on a NEW device/computer. This ultimately allow Remote Users (You, as supervisor) and your Employees to access SwiftTime. You can carry out the steps in this guide from desktops, laptops, tablets or any smartphones that have internet access.

There are 2 methods you can use to allow you/remote Users (Employees or Supervisors from different buildings, different areas..or wherever they are.) to have access to your SwiftTime system.

  • 1. Remote User has internet Browser but has no mean to receive emails.
  • 2. Remote User has internet Browser and can receive emails.