Export Timesheet Data To Payroll File

👉 Important: Most Employees are included in the Payroll Export File but you can exclude Managers and Salaried Staff from the Payroll Export File by un-check the Include in Export File option in their personal screen (Menu Department->Employee Info Screen).

To export Timesheet Data to Payroll File, carry out a Payroll report then click download or email Payroll File to Payroll Processing office.

👉 Different Company has different Payroll Data Import procedure. We suggest you to read The Payroll Export Procedure.

Currently, SwiftTime support the following Payroll packages;

If you require a different format then we will be able to accomodate your request. Please send details to support@sonigasoftware.com.

SwiftTime Standard CSV Format
This is a generic CSV file format for payroll processing in an external system. Time records are separated by a CR+LF. Fields in each record are commas delimited:

Most Spreadsheet Software such as EXCEL reads this CSV file format.

Here is a detailed description of each field:
Field 1 - Employee ID - upto 10 alphanumeric characters.
Field 2 - Rate number - 1 to 6.
Field 3 - Employye's Pay Rate per hour. Decimal. Up to 4 decimal places.
Field 4 - Worked hours. Decimal. Up to 2 decimal places.
Field 5 - Paying Period Start date. mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy is set in your GlobalSettings.
Field 6 - Paying Period End date.

For example, for week starting monday july.4.2016 to sunday july.10.2016 employees worked as below:

Barlow EricBT200639:30
George Trotter161606525540:005:00
Buckley HoodWT003938:00
Porter WallyAS500640:0012:458:32

The Standard CSV Export File will look like below:

👉 Note that Employees are paid at different rate-per-hour. i.e Barlow Eric gets $12.5000 per hour at Rate1 while Porter Wally gets $12.0000 per hour at Rate1, Rate2 is Rate1 x 1.5 and Rate3 is Rate1 x 2.

Paychex Payroll TIME0002 Format. Fixed length Format.


👉 IMPORTANT: Employee ID in Paychex only has 6 characters and the export filename should be 1234_ta.txt where 1234 represents the Paychex client number that was assigned by the Paychex processing office. When the file is created in the format and filename, it is to be copied or moved to the Rapid directory ie: C:\rapid if preview software is installed on the local C drive. This filename is set in your SwiftTime GlobalSettings.

Thomson Reuters CS XML Format.