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SwiftTime is a Cloud based time clock system that allows Employees to clock IN & OUT from any internet connected devices. Supervisors can access and manipulate Employees’ Clocking Times using their smartphones or tablet devices, anywhere, any places that have access to the internet.

Do you want your employees' timesheets ready for the weekly payroll processing on time? Do you want to meet the requirements of the new 40-Hour workweek overtime federal labor law? Do you want to receive a TXT message, or an email, on your cell phone, instantly, when an employee clocks IN or OUT? You can do all that, and so much more, in one place with SwiftTime, the most affordable, powerful and user-friendly web timesheet application designed to put you in total control of your work force.

Award-Winning APP

"..it's easy to read. Employees can clock in from any web-enabled device including smartphones and tablets. Companies can integrate the time and attendance with their payroll to calculate hours and compensation. There is also a way to track salaried employees in addition to hourly. Contractor work can also be calculated and tracked in the system.."

"..Soniga touts the security of its cloud-based server for protecting company and employee data. That's also how it prevents a savvy employee from adjusting the time on their phone or browser to reflect a different time from when they clock in or out. All time is tied to the server in the cloud." .. "it provides plenty of features, and it does it all for free.."
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We know what makes a great time & attendance app, we emphasize on the features that really help you and your admin staff to manage your employees' timecards effectively.

  • Works on any internet device
  • Intuitive design & easy to use
  • Manage Missed Time Clock punches
  • Know who's IN & who's OUT instantly
  • Manage Sick Leave/Paid Time-Off
  • Jobs/Projects and Tasks Tracking

You save thousands by not having bulky time clock machines with all the hassles of manually managing physical timecards. SwiftTime provides you with a better way, a new power to effectively manage your workforce. Get that weekly payroll done on time, all the time!

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Prices are in US Dollars. You can select a FREE package or $0.50 per employee per month (approx. 1¢ per employee/per day).
No up-front costs · No Setup Fee · No Termination Fees · Cancel anytime

EmployeesPrice Per Month
Up to 15 EmployeesFREE!
Up to 20 EmployeesUS $10
Up to 30 EmployeesUS $15
Up to 50 EmployeesUS $20
Up to 75 EmployeesUS $25
Up to 100 EmployeesUS $30
Up to 150 EmployeesUS $40
Up to 200 EmployeesUS $50
Up to 300 EmployeesUS $75
Up to 500 EmployeesUS $100

Only have 15 Employees? it's FREE, zero $ cost, nothing .. zilch .. nada!.


With over 35 years in software development arena, SonigaSoftware is a leading developer of software systems. We have established a reputation for competitive, innovative in Software developments.

We specialize in Time & Attendance and shop floor data collection. We have a profound understanding of ALL aspects in working rules and labour regulations. Our SwiftTime App has advanced and highly customizable T&A features, allowing you to penalize lateness, calculate basic & overtime and help you to monitor working rules compliance such as 40-hour workweek and minimum Lunch&Short breaks etc.

We also enjoy working on non Time & Attendance projects such as presentational and e-commerce websites for other industries.

35 years

Software Development

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It is very easy to use. Customer support is very helpful and they are quick to get back to me when I have a question. It is awesome that it is free.

Christine H. Owner | Medical Practice

Accessibility is great, you can use the program very easily from different machines and it is very easy to correct missed clock ins and outs. Statuary holidays are easily entered. Reports are easily printed. We get a free punch clock function which is what I was looking for.

Paul G. health & safety

The ease of the software is great. It's simple to use instructions and able to move through system quickly.

Victor F. IT Director, Non-Profit Organization Management

Very comprehensive timesheet software taking into account the many different scenarios that occur with time and pay. I haven't found a similar program with so much flexibility. The software saves me time and records as accurately as I want, staff times as required by law.

Norman S. Director | Consumer Services

..it provides plenty of features, and it does it all for free. Soniga has been writing software for a couple of decades. The web version is based on the desktop model that companies can run on their own servers.

M. Wood, Business journalist | Inc.com


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